For the last two years, Digital Pace have acted as a business advisers to AuKids magazine, a not-for-profit publication aimed at parents of young children on the autism spectrum. When they first became involved with the magazine it had only just started up, had a tiny circulation and was 'staggering' from one issue to the next. With Digital Pace's help, the magazine has developed to the extent that we now have a circulation of a thousand, a loyal base of paying subscribers and a national readership. They have helped us to plan the magazine's direction. With his support, we set up AuKids Ltd as a company and were able to plan a future as a social enterprise. Their business network is wide and they have been able to put us in touch with many useful organisations as well as directing us to helpful websites for information relating to our business. Through Digital Pace we found a local website design company which has developed a sophisticated internet operation that will enable us to grow and to attract new customers. Writing a magazine is one thing - trading as a limited company is quite another, though. With Digital Pace's help, nothing has been as daunting as we expected it to be. We would thoroughly recommend them as a valuable support to anyone running a business.
Debby Elley and Tori Houghton, Co-editors AuKids Magazine
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