Please find below some testimonials from our happy customers.
Digital Pace supported the Connecting Cheshire Superfast Business Programme from October 2013 to June 2015 as an external consultant in two capacities, Associate Business Adviser and ICT Specialist. The first of which related to conducting a consultation with a micro, small or medium sized business using various methods to help identify the needs of the business and produce an Action Plan. The latter related to providing specialist ICT advice on a key subject that had previously been identified as a priority area for improvement within the business. This could relate to ICT Infrastructure ( data backup, security etc) Software ( scope & selection, CRM, ERP, Financial ) and / or Digital Marketing ( Social Media, Website, Email Marketing ) and typically focused introducing new technologies or making best use of solutions already adopted within the business. Digital Pace have a wealth of commercial and technical knowledge that ensured he met all of our expectations and he often exceeded them. We continue to work with them on other projects and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.
David Marnell, Programme Manager, Serco
Digital Pace did a great job and documented the processes for our business in a very professional and accurate way.
Philip Lloyd, Group IT Executive of Sofabrands International Ltd
Digital Pace helped us to develop and implement a very cost-effective expansion strategy, leading to increased sales, more efficient operations and, most importantly, improved our profitability. With a straightforward, hands-on and practical approach, they've moved us to another level and helped us to be much further on in our development plans than we could have hoped for. Using Digital Pace has yielded significant positive benefits, achieved in a shorter time than we could have imagined and at a cost which fell within our budget.
Barry Cassidy, Managing Director of North West Business Services Ltd
Digital Pace have done a fantastic job on our most recent project, creating and implementing a strategic plan for online music eLearning project www.decplaypiano.co.uk and I can highly recommend them to any business looking for assistance in the Digital sphere. I found them very easy to work with, excellent communicators and have a wide range of skills within their network.
Declan Cosgrove, Managing Director of Bite Digital Ltd
At Influence we all enjoy working closely with Digital Pace and value them highly as a trusted associate. Their mentor's pragmatic advice, based on a wealth of industry know-how, coupled with his network of industry contacts make him indispensable. They are supporting our expansion very capably, delivering professionally and succinctly, adding considerable value at every key stage cost effectively. They simply get on with it. The mentor works as comfortably with designers in the studio as he does driving forward strategies in the board room.
Damyon Garrity, Managing Director of Influence Design Associates Ltd
Digital Pave have helped our company tremendously over the past few years. They gave us the advice and guidance we needed in developing and promoting our website which increased our overseas sales. Initially we maintained our annual turnover when many competitors were struggling and then last year exports doubled when we took their advice to redevelop the site. We believe that by continuing to work with Digital Pace our business will continue to grow. They have a friendly and approachable style and I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Paul Wren, Managing Director of Transdrive Engineering Services Ltd
For the last two years, Digital Pace have acted as a business advisers to AuKids magazine, a not-for-profit publication aimed at parents of young children on the autism spectrum. When they first became involved with the magazine it had only just started up, had a tiny circulation and was 'staggering' from one issue to the next. With Digital Pace's help, the magazine has developed to the extent that we now have a circulation of a thousand, a loyal base of paying subscribers and a national readership. They have helped us to plan the magazine's direction. With his support, we set up AuKids Ltd as a company and were able to plan a future as a social enterprise. Their business network is wide and they have been able to put us in touch with many useful organisations as well as directing us to helpful websites for information relating to our business. Through Digital Pace we found a local website design company which has developed a sophisticated internet operation that will enable us to grow and to attract new customers. Writing a magazine is one thing - trading as a limited company is quite another, though. With Digital Pace's help, nothing has been as daunting as we expected it to be. We would thoroughly recommend them as a valuable support to anyone running a business.
Debby Elley and Tori Houghton, Co-editors AuKids Magazine