Business Process Mapping


What is Process Mapping?

Business process mapping is a visual representation of the sequence of actions that comprise a process. A process can either describe the way things get done 'As Is' or the way you would like things to be done 'To Be'.


It can help you to diagnose problems and identify areas for improvement.


Why is Process Mapping Important?

The main purpose behind business process mapping is to assist organisations in becoming more efficient.


It is used either to document or to improve existing processes. By documenting processes you are creating a reference to discuss how things get done and to describe and understand the work each department or person does within your company. Analysing processes then allow you to identify areas of complexity and generate ideas for improvement.


Most business processes today are undocumented.


ISO 9001 requires a business entity to follow a process approach when managing its business, and to this end creating business process maps will assist. The entity can then work towards ensuring its processes are effective and efficient.


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What our customers think:
"Ian did a great job and documented the processes for our business in a very professional and accurate way."
Philip Lloyd, Group IT Executive of Sofabrands International Ltd


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