Innovation Funding Within Lancashire

The Lancashire Innovation Network is a European supported project from Regenerate Pennine Lancashire that is available to SME businesses based in Lancashire, defined as the 2 unitary authorities, Blackburn, Blackpool and those authorities in the administrative county of Lancashire. The project aim is to increase levels of innovation within Lancashire small businesses and increase levels of employment. The fund will encourage them to evaluate, consider, commission and implement innovation and technology developments that they may not otherwise have undertaken. A grant is available on a 50% matched basis with up to a £5k contribution from the Lancashire Innovation Network (e.g. £10k total project cost, client pays £5k, project pays £5k). We understand that the definition of innovation and technology is open to revision during the lifespan of the project but will include: information technology, e-business, process improvements, manufacturing innovation and product innovation. This is a £3.7m fund that will run until March 2013 and if you need more information then please contact us.