What I Learnt From Setting Up a Business

I have advised hundreds of businesses in the past but never set up my own and even though I can sympathise with owners and Directors I never truly knew what life would be like.

Like many start-up businesses I work from home and I know this is a big change for many but I had fours experience of doing this for my previous employer. The big change for me was realising that I had made a big change. On the first day of my new business, I got dressed for work as I normally did and walked into my home office as I had done for the previous four years.

So here are a few things that I have learnt from setting up in business:

  • if you have contacts then use them, even if it doesn’t lead to business it will give you many ideas that you can use in your own company
  • don’t assume that larger companies like the Banks and Mobile Phone companies will make it easy for you, if you know a smaller business who can get you what you want then you will probably get a much better service
  • it takes hard work and long hours
  • stay focussed and optimistic but open to new opportunities

My business is only three months old and I have many more lessons to learn, which I will be sure to share with you.

Thanks, Ian

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