Action Learning Sets


The emphasis of action learning sets is on learning from others experiences and then acting upon that learning. An action learning set is a group of people, made up of peers who work at similar levels of responsibility, who meet regularly with a facilitator to discuss various business issues they are facing. We facilitate this through creating a boardroom style environment.


It all starts in the boardroom! Strategy, tactics, growth, investment, risk, value, products, service, compliance.


The boardroom style programme provide a dynamic and exclusive business support suite. The combination of peer-group meetings, online support hub, experienced mentors and web-based balanced scorecard deliver the difference you need to survive and thrive.


You join a "board" gain from a carefully constructed "business agenda" at each meeting. Each agenda varies to bring you strategies, tactics and leading edge thinking you can apply immediately


How it will work for you


Each boardroom event runs between 8.00am and 11.30am, leaving you plenty of time to be back in your office in the afternoon, energised from your boardroom meeting.


You can enjoy many additional benefits including access to the web-based balanced scorecard and an online support resource. Plus at all times you have the support of our experienced mentor team and carefully selected partners.


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